RANKED! The 25 Most Absurd Outfits Of The NBA Playoffs

amar'e stoudemire outrageous nba fashion

Photo: YouTube

The marathon NBA Playoffs could come to an end on Thursday — meaning the league’s most outrageous dressers will go into hibernation.Over the last seven weeks, NBA players have been engaged in high-stakes style warfare.

One guy wears crazy lens-less glasses, and the next day he’s being one-upped by an opponent wearing crazy lens-less glasses with sunglasses attached.

We dug through the archives of postgame outfits to bring you the definitive list of the 25 most absurd outfits of the playoffs.

So who came out on top? Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade, or the dark horse Rajon Rondo?

25. Shawn Marion's chain-mail shirt

24. Dwyane Wade's fuchsia suit, with a green tie that matches his finger tape

23. Amar'e Stoudemire's jean jacket (with sleeves)

22. Russell Westbrook's plaid jacket

21. LeBron James' Seinfeld puffy shirt

20. Russell Westbrook's petri-dish-esque polka dot polo

19. Joakim Noah's sloppy hair and sloppy jean jacket

18. Carmelo Anthony's glasses

17. Russell Westbrook's paint-splattered button up and red pants

16. Russell Westbrook's abstract polo

15. Rajon Rondo with the dinner jacket, and a shirt with a single pink stripe

14. Russell Westbrook's pink comic-explosion polo

13. Dwyane Wade's Dwayne Wayne look

12. Ray Allen's green suit

11. Russell Westbrook's shirt with little Teddy bears

10. Rajon Rondo's zebra jacket

9. Dwyane Wade's lens-less plastic black glasses

8. Russell Westbrook's NBA Finals circus-themed button-up

7. James Harden's salmon suit

6. Amar'e Stoudemire's jean jacket (without sleeves)

5. Dwyane Wade's sky blue suit, with an orange tablecloth in the front packet

4. LeBron James' pink sweater and thick, thick black glasses

3. Dwyane Wade's pink pants and bowling-ball bag

2. Nick Young's ... shirt

1. Russell Westbrook's legendary fishing lures and red glasses combo

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