This App Can Make You Into A Full-Time Hitchhiker


Photo: Ridejoy

Ridejoy is a startup built around helping you find a ride somewhere or a passenger to help cut costs for a road trip.Think of it as app-assisted hitchhiking. Tell the app where you’re going and when you want to leave and the app will pair you up with someone to get you there.

(As far as pricing goes, that’s up to you to work out with the driver.)

We took it for a spin — here’s how it works.

Tap the icon to launch the app

Let's take the tour to learn a little more

The app works by pairing you up with people based on where you're heading

And teaming you up with people going to the same place

Then you get to go where you're heading

Let's sign up for Ridejoy with Facebook

Set your privacy settings as you wish

The app will log you in via Facebook

You can either use your current location as a start point or enter one manually

Let's try to get a ride to the Southwest -- we set our dropoff point as Austin, TX

Now we set the dates involved -- we're setting a week-long flex period as our departure date

Same with the return date -- a week-long flexible return period

The ride gets pushed to Ridejoy...

...and you can post the ride to your social networks if you want

Immediately we're shown a few drivers matching our travel itinerary

And we can even get push notifications if a new driver posts a ride that matches with us as well

Because we're paired with our Facebook account, we can see that one of the drivers has a friend in common with us

Tapping on her post reveals details of the ride. If we want, we can reply to this post and work out travel arrangements

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