Bryan Cranston's 10 Reasons To Ride With Him To The 'Breaking Bad' Premiere

breaking bad

What would you do to ride in the RV from “Breaking Bad” with Bryan Cranston?

At the end of June, the star of the AMC series held a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) in which he announced a contest to ride along with him to the premiere of the final eight episodes in California.

Cranston partnered with fundraiser to launch the event. Anyone who donates at least $10 will be entered into a raffle for themselves and a friend to attend the premiere alongside Heisenberg himself.

All proceeds raised will support the National centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), a charity he has been involved with for some time that helps find child abduction victims.

In addition to an RV trip with Cranston to the July 24 premiere in Culver City, California, the winner will also meet the cast and stay in a 4-star hotel.

Friday, Omaze released a video with Cranston listing 10 reasons fans should enter the contest to ride with him to the premiere. 

To check out the contest, head here.

10. “We’ll be the first people in Hollywood history to arrive to a star-studded premiere in a recreational vehicle.”

breaking bad walt

9. “Rock candy is quite the pick me up.”

blue breaking bad

8. “You can sit shotgun.”

walt jesse breaking bad

7. “I’ll show you my ‘Breaking Bad’ tattoo.”*

bryan cranston breaking bad tattoo

*We don’t know what the tattoo is of.

6. “Carpooling is good for the environment.”

breaking bad rv

5. “I can get one or two (or maybe all) of the cast to ride with us.”

breaking bad cast

4. “Your friends will be incredibly jealous.”

breaking bad

3. “I’ll teach you how to cook … eggs.”

cook breaking bad science

2. “Funyons.”*

funyons breaking bad

*In season 2 episode 9, Jesse (Aaron Paul) packed three bags of Funyons for him and Walt to consume during their marathon meth-cooking session in the desert.  

1. “You’ll be helping reunite children with their family.”

bryan cranston

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