Lyft is fixing one of the most annoying problems riders have

LyftmultistopLyftOnce users add their destination to the app, a plus sign appears, allowing for additional stops to be added.

If you’ve ever tried to split a Lyft or Uber with a friend on the way home from a night out, you know how confusing and complicated it can be to try to make two stops.

Today, Lyft is introducing a new feature to fix that.

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing service is adding the option to key in multiple stops within the app, a feature that doesn’t currently exist on any other ride-hailing apps.

When users type in their first destination, a plus sign will appear next to the address, which allows riders to add a second stop. Passengers can delete the destination by tapping on it and clicking “Remove stop” if need be. The feature is available on Lyft, Plus, and Premier.

According to Lyft, 5% of the time passengers end up manually updating their destination, most often on weekend nights between midnight and 3 a.m. It’s likely those address changes occur when people are heading home from bars and restaurants in groups.

Both users and drivers have long complained about this issue, so the feature seems like a natural step for the company. It’s likely that others will soon follow suit.

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