Vin Diesel Fights Off Aliens In New 'Riddick' Trailer

After a redband trailer — one for mature audiences — was released last month for “Riddick” at Comic-Con, Regal Entertainment has revealed a new trailer to the 2004 sequel, “Chronicles of Riddick.”

Director David Twohy once again brings Vin Diesel back to the big screen as cult favourite antihero Riddick. This time, Riddick has to fight against aliens while stranded on a deserted planet. He also has to get past a group of surly bounty hunters.

It’s taken some time for this third film to get brought to the big screen. It was originally thought the film would be a low-budget, indie, before Universal announced it would distribute.

The last film, “Chronicles of Riddick” earned $US115 million worldwide more than 10 years ago on an estimated $US105 million budget.

The latest trailer is basically an extended version of the redband trailer from last week with a lot less blood.

“Riddick” is in theatres September 6.

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