College humour Punks New Yorkers In In-N-Out Burger Prank

CollegeHumotHilarious jerks.

This morning, it looked like millions of burger-obsessed New Yorkers dreams were about to come true.Signs by Union Square and Madison Square Park buildings touted infamous California fast food joint In-N-Out Burger was coming to Manhattan (uh-oh, Shake Shack!).

Ricky Van Veen, the College humour co-founder and current CEO of IAC production company Notional, took a picture of a sign saying an In-N-Out Burger was opening by Union Square.

Gary Vaynerchuk of also also posted this Twitpic (below) from his Twitter account, which looked like another In-N-Out Burger is getting built by Madison Square Park (uh-oh, Shake Shack!).

In And Out Burger

Lots of New Yorkers and a few news blogs, including Eater, Guest of a Guest and Feast, wrote up the story.

But it turns out it was a joke. Update: It was most definitely those College humour pranksters who pulled this one. Thanks, guys.

Gothamist talked to an In-N-Out spokeswoman, who confirmed that “someone is playing a fool’s joke on us.”

Cudworth says In-N-Out doesn’t have any plans to open locations in NYC; when asked why the hell not, she explained, “We’re a small, family-owned business out here on the West Coast. We grind all our own all beef patties and deliver them to our locations every day, so because of the logistics it’s just not something we’re considering.” Big exhale, Shake Shack.

Dang! The closest we can get is to the In-N-Out Burger is in Columbus, Ohio, folks.

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