Ricky Muir Needs To Buy A Suit Before He Heads To Canberra As A Senator

Photo: Screen grab/YouTube

Before Motoring Enthusiast Party Candidate Ricky Muir heads to Canberra, he’ll need to make a stop.

After receiving as few as 12,000 votes, Muir looks set to be elected to the senate thanks to the complex system of minor party preferences.

“I’ve got some nice clothing, but I haven’t got a suit,” Muir said on The ABC last night.

“But I will get one.”

The unemployed father-off-five also said he would make decisions on legislation as an “ordinary Australian,” and that the $190,000 salary was not why he ran.

“I’m not in it for the money.”

He was recently laid off from the saw mill he worked at.

“I’ll survive without money. It’s a surprise but I’m not interested. It’s just money.”

After it look set he would be elected to the Upper House, a video originally posted to his YouTube account emerged which appeared to show him having a kangaroo poo fight.

Read more at The ABC.

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