'The Walking Dead' creator says he knows exactly how Rick dies in the comics and hints there may be some differences on the show

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCAndrew Lincoln is showing off a shorter haircut on season nine of ‘The Walking Dead.’
  • Andrew Lincoln confirmed in July he’s leaving AMC’s “The Walking Dead” during the show’s upcoming season nine.
  • At a New York Comic Con panel, comic creator Robert Kirkman acknowledged he plans to kill Rick off in the comics, something he has alluded to multiple times in the past.
  • When a fan asked if Lincoln’s departure may affect the comic in any way, where Rick is still alive, Kirkman paused before answering.
  • “Yeah, it’s possible that there will be some differences there between the comic and the show,” he said.

The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman took questions from fans for about an hour Thursday afternoon at New York Comic Con and there was one fan who left him choosing his words carefully about the future of Rick Grimes on both the show and in the comic.

“You already said previously that you know you want Rick to die in the comics,” a fan said to Kirkman. “Do you have a plan in your mind of what’s going to happen to Rick in the comics? And does what happened in the TV show affect that?”

Kirkman took a long moment before deciding how to answer the question. Actor Andrew Lincoln confirmed in July at San Diego Comic-Con season nine will be his last as Sheriff Grimes.

“This is tricky to navigate,” Kirkman started. “I know exactly how Rick Grimes dies in the comic book. And … yeah, it’s possible that there will be some differences there between the comic and the show.”

“One of those is the death in the comic, could happen next issue… could happen 10 years from now,” Kirkman said to laughter from the crowd. “I don’t know. I could change my mind.”

Robert kirkman nycc walking dead thursday 2018Kirsten Acuna/INSIDERRobert Kirkman on stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City Thursday afternoon at New York Comic Con.

Kirkman started to say something else about “a few differences” between the show and the comic, but he quickly added that he couldn’t say anything else.

Does that mean Rick will die on the show? Not necessarily.

We currently don’t know whether or not Rick will be killed off the show or if his story will be left more or less open-ended.

Another fan asked Kirkman if the departure of both Rick and his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) from the show has made him have to rethink the ending of the TV show at all, something which Kirkman has said he knows.

“Well, answering that in a definitive way, might spoil what I have planned for the ending, so I’m going to say no. But it’s a deep bench on ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I know we’re all very upset over the loss of Carl and equally upset over the potential – who knows what’s going to happen – loss of Rick, and we’re aware of that. But we all still love Michonne. We all still love Carol. We all still love all those other characters, I’m not going to list them all.”

“There’s a lot of really great stuff coming and those changes, while they do bring it a little bit further from the comic, are not going to limit us from adapting stories from the comic,” Kirkman added.

At the start of Thursday’s panel, the comic-book writer said if you’ve ever tuned in for any part of Rick’s journey on the show, then you will probably want to tune in for Rick’s final episodes this fall.

“It’s going to be cool, you guys. Just trust us. I’m going to miss that guy,” he said while addressing Lincoln’s departure.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC Sunday at 9 p.m.

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