From Pooper Scooper To Millionaire: Here Are 82 Odd Jobs A Tumblr Investor Had Before He Struck It Rich

Rick Webb came into wealth a few years ago, when his company Barbarian Group was acquired. Or, as Webb describes it, he became “wealthy. ish.”

“Like rich people wouldn’t consider me rich, but I did some research and I’m in like the top .5% or something now, well into seven figures, won’t have to work ever again,” he wrote in response to a question on Quora.

Webb didn’t always have money. He worked tons of odd jobs before he became a successful entrepreneur and investor. Webb has since backed startups such as Foursquare and Tumblr.

This week, Webb turned 42 and he listed all the jobs he’s ever made a salary from. The list begins with “berry and rhubarb farmer” and ends with “house cleaner.” In the middle you’ll find things like “pooper scooper” and “guitarist/singer in space rock band,” to more recent roles, “board member” and “COO.”

Even now that Webb has money, he doesn’t spend it in a crazy fashion. He wrote a really thoughtful post about what it was like to come into wealth, here.

Below is his full list of jobs.

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