Rick Santorum's Daughter Bella Will Leave The Hospital Today

Bella SantorumBella Santorum will be released from the hospital Monday.

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella will be released from the hospital on Monday, a campaign spokesperson told CNN. “We appreciate the outpouring of support and prayers,” spokesperson Hogan Gidley told CNN. “The prayers worked, she’s doing much better, so we’re thankful for that. It puts things in perspective.”

Bella was taken to the hospital last Friday. Bella, age 3, suffers from Trisomy 18, which means that she has three copies of the 18th chromosome instead of two. This leads to abnormal brain and heart development, among other things. Often, babies born with the disorder do not live more than a few years.  

Santorum canceled all campaign events — even internal — to be with his daughter on Monday. His campaign has said he will return to the trail on Tuesday. 

“Senator Santorum will not hold any public campaign events on Monday so that he and Karen can remain in the hospital with their daughter Bella,” communications director Hogan Gidley said in a statement on Saturday, according to CNN. “The entire Santorum family is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support.”

In January, Bella Santorum was hospitalized after contracting pneumonia in both lungs. But she made a “remarkable turn” over a 48-hour span and recovered. 

Santorum will get back on the campaign trail on Tuesday, when he will attempt to ramp up lagging support in his home state of Pennsylvania. Amid faltering support and growing momentum around likely nominee Mitt Romney, Santorum has faced increased calls to drop out of the race. 

A new Pew Research centre poll released Monday shows that 74 per cent of Republican or Republican-leaning voters think that Romney will “definitely” be the Republican nominee. And 47 per cent said the drawn-out primary has damaged the party. 

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