Rick Sanchez Is Interested In Keith Olbermann's Old Job

Rick Sanchez

Hey, never say never.

Rick Sanchez thinks “it would be worth considering” if someone at MSNBC offered him Keith Olbermann‘s job, reports rumour Fix.

And he’s right, it would.

Though the more ‘likely’ scenario (if we are going to play this game) would be that he’d get offered Ed Shultz‘s old 6pm job since Lawrence O’Donnell has already taken over for Keith at 8pm and Schultz has taken over for O’Donnell at 9pm.

(At least for the time being…that does not strike as a situation that is going to last.)

So who knows!  It’s already clear MSNBC’s temporary shuffle to cover Keith’s departure is probably not going to last longterm — so maybe Sanchez really does have a chance at the 6pm slot currently temporarily occupied by Cenk Uygur.  

Meanwhile, Sanchez also offered rumour Fix some advice for Olbermann:  “Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward. I would just like to say that I wish him well.”

Sadly I don’t think we’re going to be seeing a Olby – Rabbi Schmuley summit anytime soon…but dare to dream, I guess.

[h/t Johnny Dollar]

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