Rick Rubin Buys Shangri La In Malibu For $2 Million

Rick Rubin

If you are not very familiar with the music industry, specifically musical production, then you may not know a lot about producer Rick Rubin. And even if you do not know him by name, you definitely know the popular company in which he is co-president—Columbia Records.

In short, Rick Rubin is a man you should definitely become more familiar with if you are not already aware of his incredible hard work and undeniable musical ear.

This time Rubin is not being highlighted for his musical genius, but is instead hitting the news due to a Los Angeles real estate purchase. Supposedly, Mr. Rubin has put down a nice $2 million on the Shangri La studio in Malibu, California—a property in which he is definitely familiar.

Rubin is definitely not new to this studio since he worked with Gossip, Weezer, and Metallica as well as several others artists at Shangri La just within the last 5 years. Apparently Rubin has fallen in love with Shangri-La and is now the proud owner of the treasured property.

Apparently, recording studio properties are hot commodities in Los Angeles (go figure). In fact, there are several homes that have built-in recording studios that have sold recently or have been placed on the market. Christina Aguilera put her massive Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $13.5 million, a stately home that contains – you guessed it – a recording studio of its very own. There are even real estate agents who specialize in homes with built-in recording studios.

Rick Rubin and those that hire this musical genius that cannot even read sheet music will continue to produce incredible albums in this studio that one of the most well-known producers now own. Rubin can add this to his collection of L.A. properties, but we’re sure he will be spending a lot more time recording than sleeping in this historic recording destination.