POLL: The Third Most Common Word Used To Describe Rick Perry Is IDIOT

rick perry

Earlier this week the Washington Post and the Pew Research centre conducted a poll asking people for the one word that pops to mind to describe the GOP line-ups.  

Let’s just say the result is less than confidence-inspiring.

Here’s what polls like these are good for:  Seeing what aspect of a candidates persona has managed to permeate the national psyche.

Here’s why this is bad news for Rick Perry:  The third most popular word to jump to the public’s mind when Rick Perry is mentioned is “idiot.”


One imagines this is mostly the result of his poor debate performances; being a good debater may not mean you’d make a good president, but being a bad one (especially in a year where they are drawing record viewer levels) is clearly a problem.  For the record: ‘Texas’ and ‘No’ were the first two respectively.

(It’s worth noting this poll was taken before last night’s debate….whether that works in his favour or not remains to be seen.)

The results are not great for Mitt Romney either.  More so considering how long he’s been on the national stage.

The word most associated with the former Massachusetts governor is ‘Mormon’ (by a lot) suggesting we have not heard the last of Romney’s underwear.  The second is ‘Health Care,’ suggesting when Romney goes on the attack against Obama his main focus may not be the HCR bill.

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