Paul Supporter Wants To Know: ‘Have You Ever Had Sex With Rick Perry?’

rick perry sex ad
Ad as it appeared in the Austin Chronicle

[credit provider=”Robert Morrow”]

A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has taken out an ad seeking anyone who has had sex with Texas Gov. Rick Perry.The ad, which ran in this week’s edition of the Austin Chronicle, asks: “Are you a stripper, an escort, or just a ‘young hottie’ impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas?”

Interested parties are instructed to contact CASH, the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy, to “publicize your direct dealings with a Christian-buzzwords-spouting, ‘family values’ hypocrite and fraud.”

[See the full-size ad below]

The advertisement, which comes just a few days after Perry announced his presidential candidacy, was paid for by Robert Morrow, an Austin-based Paul supporter and three-time delegate to the Texas state Republican convention. 

rumours about Perry’s sexual orientation and alleged adultery have been circulating in Austin for several years, although there is absolutely no evidence that he has had extramarital affairs. The original source of the rumours are not clear.

Perry, who has been married to his former high-school sweetheart Anita since 1982. He told the Austin American-Statesman in 2004 that the rumours were part of a “smear campaign” and “are not correct in any shape, form or fashion. These are irresponsible. They’re salacious.”

Morrow, who claims to know several strippers and escorts in Austin who have stories about the Texas governor, has been circulating articles online and sending essays to reporters (including this one) about Perry’s alleged behaviour.

He said he has also heard from men who have substantiated rumours that the governor has relationships with gay men. Austin’s gay community, Morrow added, is angry about Perry’s “hypocritical” association with anti-homosexual evangelical leaders who organised Perry’s “The Response” prayer rally earlier this month. 

“The gay rumours are voluminous, intense, and will not go away,” Morrow said. “Rick Perry is a pink cowboy leading a parade of extremist anti-gay preachers and militaristic neo-cons into a ditch.”

Perry’s presidential campaign is reportedly ready to deal with the resurgence of unsubstantiated rumours about the governor.

“This kind of nameless, faceless smear campaign is run against the Perry family in seemingly every campaign, with no basis, truth or success,” Perry’s senior political advisor Dave Carney told Politico in June. “Texas politics is a full contact sport, live hand grenades and all; unfortunately there are always going to be some people who feel the need to spread false and misleading rumours to advance their own political agenda.”

Morrow, a self-described “enthusiastic unpaid volunteer” for Paul’s 2012 campaign, said his attacks against Perry are not motivated by his support for Paul, but by a desire to expose Perry’s as “arrogant, reckless, and a hypocrite.”

Nevertheless, this is not the first time he has organised a one-man campaign against one of Paul’s opponents. In 2008, he paid for and recorded robocalls in South Carolina that made some pretty extreme allegations about Hillary Clinton, including that she “knew about and helped cover up Bill’s rape of Juanita Broderick.”

rick perry sex ad
Ad as it appeared in the Austin Chronicle

[credit provider=”Robert Morrow”]

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