The Military Is Preparing For Peak Oil, And Civilian Authorities Are Not [PRESENTATION]

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Various military reports have come out recently that analyse the apocalyptic threat posed by peak oil. The most notorious of these, from a German military think tank, warned of market failures and a crisis of political legitimacy and proposed ways to manage the risk.Nothing comparable, however, has been issued by U.S. civilian authorities, like the FDA and the DoT.

Energy Securities Analyst Rick Munroe made these claims in an awesome presentation at the recent ASPO-USA conference.

He says we’re ignoring a major strategic shock that has been visible for decades.

First, here's what we know of the imminent crisis

Truth: Most shocks are the products of long-term trends

Here are those trends

The German military is paying attention

You don't have to speak German to see what they're talking about

From the Bundeswehr report: A slow energy crunch will not have a slow economic reaction

The US military is also aware of the threat

But the Canadian National Resources Department does not believe in peak oil

Nor does the department of agriculture

The USDA is not concerned

At least, they're not concerned enough

Homeland Security maps out all these scenarios...

Here are the foreseeable risks... but note what's missing

The Government Accountability Office also plans for disaster...

But it considers a liquid fuel emergency a small-scale disruption (1981)

That means no civilian LFE plans

This IS a food crisis

This IS a civil crisis

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