The CEO of a $2.6 billion company shares his best piece of advice for young people

Rick Goings 6
Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware Brands. Courtesy of Tupperware Brands

As new grads enter the “real world,” they’re often bombarded with advice — some good, some bad. 

Business Insider recently spoke to Rick Goings, CEO of home products company Tupperware Brands, which brought in $US2.6 billion in revenue last year. He offered his favourite pearls of wisdom for young people just starting out — which we think are worth sharing:

Remember that failure is an important element to success. The experiences you get in failure are some of the best lessons you can apply in life. I truly believe you need to fail in order to succeed. It’s never a straight line to success, and it’s the bumps and pivots that help you get there.

This also ties to confidence. You don’t get confidence without experience, and this experience includes failure. Action and accomplishment lead to confidence, as does jumping head-first into something you might not succeed in. Don’t be afraid of failure — go out and find opportunities where you can go forward and just do something. You’ll learn unique and valuable lessons on the way.

One other piece of advice I have is to look for a strong sponsor or mentor. Sponsoring and mentorship is an important element to developing your career. 

He also shared a bonus tip: When you go on job interviews, always be nice to everyone. “I like to check with the driver, our receptionist, and my assistants on how the candidate interacted with them. How you treat others means the world!” Goings concludes.