The 25 richest Russian oligarchs on the 'Putin list' that the US just released

The US Treasury Department released a supposed list of 114 Russian politicians and businessmen, as well as 96 people labelled oligarchs, on Monday night.

Congress ordered the list to be compiled in response to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, asking for “a detailed report on senior political figures and oligarchs in the Russian Federation … and on Russian parastatal entities.”

On Tuesday, it was reported that the list was compiled from open sources, mainly a Forbes article of the 200 richest Russian businessmen.

When asked why the list was of the richest Russian businessmen, and not oligarchs suspected of corruption, the Treasury Department told Business Insider in an email that the “report complies with requirements” of the law, adding that there’s also a classified portion.

Based on the Treasury Department’s list and Forbes’ data on each of the Russians’ current individual wealth, we’ve rounded up the 25 richest Russian oligarchs from the “Putin list:”

25. Andrey Kozitsyn: $US4.8 billion

Kozitsyn leads a copper producing company called Urals Mining and Metals Company, but he also manages agricultural, construction, and telecom companies.

Source: Forbes

24. Dmitriy Kamenshchik: $US5 billion

Kamenshchik owns Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. He was briefly held responsible for a 2011 terrorist attack at the airport, and a criminal case was even opened against him, but Russia’s Prosecutor General’s office later dropped the charges.

Source: Forbes

23. Petr Aven: $US5.3 billion

Aven heads Russia’s second largest private bank, Alfa Bank.

Source: Forbes

22. Samvel Karapetyan: $US5.3 billion

Wikimedia CommonsSamvel Karapetyan

Karapetyan leads the Tashir Group, which owns multiple shopping centres, hotels, and office complexes.

Source: Forbes

21. Aleksandr Abramov: $US5.4 billion

Abramov is the chairman of a steel company called Evraz. He also owns a large stake in Norilsk Nickel with his brother Roman Abramovich, who is also on the “Putin list.”

Putin awarded him the Decoration of Beneficence for his charity work in January.

Source: Forbes

20. Suleyman Kerimov: $US6.2 billion

Kerimov “has made a career of investing in distressed companies,” according to Forbes, and represents Dagistan in Russia’s Federation Council.

Source: Forbes

19. Mikhail Gutseryev: $US6.4 billion

Via Wikimedia CommonsMikhail Gutseryev

Gutseryev is the majority shareholder of Safmar Group, which owns Russneft and Neftisa oil companies.

Source: Forbes

18. Oleg Deripaska: $US6.9 billion

Deripaska owns large stakes in aluminium, power, insurance, and auto companies. He also employed Paul Manafort, who even offered to give him personal briefings about the 2016 presidential election.

Source: Forbes, Washington Post

17. Leonid Fedun: $US7.1 billion

Fedun is the “right hand man” of Vagit Alekperov, the CEO of oil and gas company Lukoil.

Source: Forbes

16. Iskander Makhmudov: $US7.2 billion

Wikimedia Commons

Makhmudov is the majority owner of Urals Mining and Metals Company, led by Andrey Kozitsyn. Spain filed money laundering charges against him 2009 and later handed the case over to Russian authorities, who eventually dropped the case.

Source: Forbes

15. Andrei Skoch: $US7.2 billion

Skoch is a partner in the metallurgy company, Metalloinvest conglomerate.

Source: Forbes

14. Dmitry Rybolovlev: $US7.4 billion

Lionel Cironneau/Press Association

Rybolovlev sold his stake in a potassium company called Uralkali for $US6.5 billion in 2010, and has since bought Trump’s former Palm Beach mansion – Maison de L’Amitie – and the AS Monaco Football Club.

Source: Forbes

13. Aleksey Kuzmichev: $US7.9 billion

Kuzmichev controls the Alfa Group conglomerate, which owns Alfa Bank, along with other listed oligarchs German Khan and Mikhail Fridman.

Source: Forbes

12. Viktor Rashnikov: $US9.8 billion

Rashnikov is the majority owner of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works.

Source: Forbes

11. German Khan: $US10.2 billion

Khan owns the majority of Alfa Group with oligarchs Aleksey Kuzmichev and Mikhail Fridman.

Source: Forbes

10. Roman Abramovich: $US11.2 billion

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Abramovich is the majority owner of the Chelsea Football Club, a steel company Evraz, and Norilsk Nickel.

He also owns the world’s second-largest yacht, which he bought for $US400 million in 2010.

Source: Forbes

9. Gennadiy Timchenko: $US15.7 billion

Timchenko owns shares in multiple Russian businesses, including a gas company called Novatek and a petrochemical company called Sibur Holding, among others.

He’s also close to Putin, and was sanctioned by the US in 2014 after Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Source: Forbes

8. Mikhail Fridman: $US15.7 billion

Fridman owns Alfa Group, along with German Khan and Aleksey Kuzmichev.

Source: Forbes

7. Alisher Usmanov: $US16 billion

Usmanov owns a large stake in iron and steel company Metalloinvest. He was an early investor in Facebook and owns shares in the Arsenal Football Club, among other companies.

Usmanov also led the state-run Gazprom Investholding from 2000-2014.

Source: Forbes

6. Vagit Alekperov: $US16.4 billion

Alekperov is the president of Russian oil company Lukoil, which he started in 1991 after acquiring three large oil fields.

Source: Forbes

5. Andrey Melnichenko: $US16.4 billion

Melnichenko owns majority shares in a fertiliser company called Eurochem and a coal company called SUEK.

Source: Forbes

4. Vladimir Potanin: $US16.5 billion

Potanin owns 30% of Norilsk Nickel, along with stakes in multiple insurance, media, agriculture, engineering, and oil companies.

Source: Forbes

3. Leonid Mikhelson: $US18.1 billion

Mikhelson founded and chairs a natural gas company called Novatek, and also chairs a gas processing and petrochemical company called Sibur.

Source: Forbes

2. Vladimir Lisin: $US19 billion

Lisin owns a majority share of a steel mill company called Novolipetsk, and also controls Universal Cargo Logistics Holding.

Source: Forbes

1. Aleksey Mordashov: $US19.6 billion

Anatoly Medved/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images

Mordashov owns stake in the world’s largest tourism company, TUI Group, as well as a number of gold mining and engineering firms.

Source: Forbes

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