The 33 richest hedge fund managers in the US

Forbes has released its annual “Richest People In America” list.

The Forbes 400 always includes the biggest names in the hedge fund space. We counted 33 hedge fund managers this year.

Fund managers Bill Ackman of Pershing Square and David Tepper of Appaloosa Management saw their net-worth increase significantly in the past year. Steve Cohen also saw a $US1.3 billion jump in his personal fortune.

There were two newcomers to the list. Quant fund managers David Siegel and John Overdeck, the cofounders of $US28 billion Two Sigma Investments, both have an estimated networth of $US2.8 billion. Two Sigma crushed it in 2014, with one of the funds ending the year up 57.55% and another one of the funds returning 25.56%, according to Forbes.

The 85-year-old George Soros is still king, though, with an estimated net-worth of $US24.5 billion.

On the flip side, numerous billionaire fund managers in the US didn’t make the cut. Folks like Baupost Group’s Seth Klarman and Discovery Capital’s Rob Citrone, who are worth 10 figures, weren’t quite rich enough.

Marc Lasry

Screenshot via BloombergTV

Rank: 358

Net-worth: $US1.9 billion

Age: 55

Fund: Avenue Capital

Source: Forbes

Glenn Dubin

Rank: 342

Net-worth: $US2 billion

Age: 58

Fund: Highbridge Capital

Source: Forbes

Paul Singer

Rank: 327

Net-worth: $US2.1 billion

Age: 70

Fund: Elliott Management

Source: Forbes

Chase Coleman

Business Insider/ Mike Nudelman

Rank: 307

Net-worth: $US2.2 billion

Age: 40

Fund: Tiger Global

Source: Forbes

Noam Gottesman

Rank: 293

Net-worth: $US2.3

Age: 54

Fund: Cofounded GLG Partners

Source: Forbes

Stephen Mandel

Rank: 279

Net-worth: $US2.4 billion

Age: 59

Fund: Lone Pine Capital

Source: Forbes

Bill Ackman

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rank: 256

Net-worth: $US2.6 billion

Age: 49

Fund: Pershing Square Capital Management

Source: Forbes

David Siegel

Rank: 234

Net-worth: $US2.8 billion

Age: 45

Fund: Two Sigma Investments

Source: Forbes

John Overdeck

Rank: 234

Net-worth: $US2.8 billion

Age: 45

Fund: Two Sigma Investments

Source: Forbes

John Arnold

Rank: 227

Net-worth: $US2.9 billion

Age: 41

Fund:Centaurus Advisors (retired)

Source: Forbes

Daniel Och

AP Images

Rank: 171

Net-worth: $US3.5 billion

Age: 54

Fund: Och-Ziff

Source: Forbes

Julian Robertson

Rank: 159

Net-worth: $US3.7 billion

Age: 83

Fund: Tiger Management

Source: Forbes

David Shaw

Rank: 114

Net-worth: $US4.7 billion

Age: 63

Fund: D.E. Shaw

Source: Forbes

Israel Englander

You Tube

Rank: 108

Net-worth: $US4.8 billion

Age: 67

Fund: Millennium Management

Source: Forbes

Ken Griffin

CNBC/ Heidi Gutman

Rank: 69

Net-worth: $US7 billion

Age: 46

Fund: Citadel

Source: Forbes

John Paulson

Rank: 41

Net-worth: $US11.4 billion

Age: 59

Fund: Paulson & Co.

Source: Forbes

David Tepper

Rank: 38

Net-worth: $US11.6 billion

Age: 58

Fund: Appaloosa Management

Source: Forbes

Carl Icahn

Wall Street Week, screenshot

Rank: 22

Net-worth: $US20.5 billion

Age: 79

Firm: Icahn Capital Management

Source: Forbes

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