The World's Richest Dog Has Died -- And These 5 Pooches Are Set To Take Over The Title


Trouble, the beloved Maltese of billionaire Leona Helmsley, became an international celebrity when Helmsley died and left him $12 million.

(Since he was used to travelling in stretch Mercedes limos, he needed the money to maintain his lifestyle.)

Now, Trouble has died at the age of 12.

(And he won’t be interred next to Helmsley, as she requested, because of cemetery regulations.)

So who’s ready to snatch up the “world’s-richest” modifier like a chew toy?

Though Trouble made a splash in the States, the world's richest dog is technically Gunther IV, a German dog worth $372 million (minus the cost of those awesome sunglasses). His owner left him the money.

Oprah's will is rumoured to have earmarked $30 million for the care of her pups.

On behalf of Stephen Colbert, The Daily tracked down the richest dog in South Dakota -- Miss Charlie Brown, who stands to inherit $130 million from her mineral magnate owners.

Paris Hilton's chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is already a published author (whether she also ghost-writes Hilton's tweets, we can't confirm).

Miami beach socialite Gail Posner left her mansion and $3 million to her chihuahua, Conchita -- and she left $1 million to her son.

Now check out how China does a propaganda blockbuster in this day and age.

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