Richards Dawkins Says 'Bin Laden Has Won' After His Honey Is Confiscated At Airport Security

Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist who is perhaps one of the most well known atheists in the world, caused a stir over the weekend by tweeting that “bin Laden has won” after he had a jar of honey confiscated at an airport.

Dawkins made the angry tweet after he had honey confiscated by airport security, presumably because it was over the 100ml maximum allowed in hand luggage on international flights:

(The word dundridges is a word coined by Dawkins to indicate a “petty, bossy, bureaucratic little rule-hound.”)

The tweets from Dawkins soon went viral, with over 1,700 retweets at the time of writing. Not all the feedback was positive however (“I’m not sure that Bin Laden’s number one target was your honey jar,” one follower tweeted, while another compared Dawkins to Winnie-the-Pooh).

He went on to argue with the detractors:

OK, so complaining to 846,505 people about having to throw away your honey may seem a little petty, but perhaps Dawkins does have a point. The blanket ban on liquids over 100ml was introduced in October 2006, two months after an
alleged plot to down transatlantic airliners two months. Experts on “security theatre” have argued that the 100ml limit is meaningless, as a 400ml explosive liquid can be transferred to four 100ml containers relatively easily.

While the technology to scan for flammable liquids has apparently been developed, it’s roll-out has been held back due to testing delays.

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