21 Things You Should Know About The NFL Star Who Has Become A Household Name

Richard Sherman became a household name with his postgame interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC title game.

In the days after the rant, America has come to see a very different side of the notorious trash talker.

He’s also a film junkie, a hard worker, and a role model for every kid born into inner-city poverty.

He finished second in his high school class with 4.1 GPA.

Source: LA Times

He has a 'near-photographic memory,' according to SI. He memorized his 18-character, randomly generated Wi-Fi password.

Source: SI

He grew up in Compton, Calif., and was the first Dominguez High School grad in 20 years to get a scholarship from Stanford.

Sherman's childhood home.

Source: LA Times

His dad worked as a trash man for 29 years, waking up at 4 a.m. every day.

Sherman's father.

Source: NFL Films

His dad lost an eye when he was 14, but still works and refuses to live off his son.

Source: LA Times

He's obsessed with watching tape. He has notes on every NFL receiver on his iPad, and watches film in bed.

Source: NFL Films

He was picked 154th overall in the 2011 draft. Twenty-four cornerbacks were taken before him.

He played wide receiver at Stanford, and only switched to cornerback in his junior year.

He only makes $US550,000 a year -- not much above the league minimum.

He almost transferred out of Stanford because he clashed with coach Jim Harbaugh. His mum convinced him to stay.

Source: SI

He was nearly suspended for testing positive for Adderall, but the results were overturned.

Source: USA Today

In high school, he made USC coach Pete Carroll wait 2.5 hours to meet with him because he didn't want to leave class early.

Source: SI

As a teenager his email address was 'lockup2006' because Pete Carroll told him he could be a 'lock up corner.'

Source: MMQB

His mum gave him $US5 for every 'A' he got in school.

Baiting QBs is his signature move. He'll intentionally let a receiver get open early in a play, and then recover and make a pick.

Source: NFL Films

He once saw a homeless man under a bridge near the Seahawks facility, so he went to McDonald's and bought him food.

Sherman delivering presents on Christmas.

Source: Yahoo!

He once showed up to watch a Seahawks rookie practice on a jet ski.

Source: HuffPost

He has an endorsement deal with Nike. He's the only NFL player in their new Flyknit commercial.

Eight of his classmates were killed during his four years in high school.

Source: Fox Sports

After he made it to the NFL, he told players on his old high school team that they shouldn't focus on football.

Source: SI

His shtick is completely calculated.

He told SI:

'Things I do probably look like madness, like I'm totally out of control, but there's always a plan. It's part of a greater scheme to get some eyes, to grow the market, to grow Seattle.'

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