Richard Sherman Claims He Tried To Say 'Good Game' To Michael Crabtree -- And There May Be Proof

The NFL will soon be able to provide another perspective of the altercation at the end of the NFC Championship game that led to Richard Sherman’s post-game rant.

Both Sherman and 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree were mic’d up for NFL Films during the game, and the audio will be shown on the NFL Network on Wednesday evening according to Curtis Crabtree of

In a column for Peter King’s, Sherman explained that after his huge defensive tip that led to a game-winning interception in the endzone, he simply approached Crabtree, “patted him,” and then stuck his hand out and said “good game, good game.”

Crabtree then shoved Sherman in the face.

It was shortly thereafter when Sherman went on his now-famous rant with Andrews on Fox.

Of course, Sherman’s account may be exactly what happened. But we need to hear the audio to get a true understanding of how it was delivered.

There is also the argument by many that Sherman should have never approached Crabtree and patted him on the backside, even if his intentions were sincere, which they almost certainly were not.

Sherman admits as much in his column.

“Some of that was Crabtree,” wrote Sherman, referring to the interview. “I just don’t like him.”

The animosity between the two players may also go back to last summer when both attended a charity event. Sherman’s brother told the Seattle Times that Sherman went to shake Crabtree’s hand and instead Crabtree tried to start a fight.

With two weeks of Super Bowl hype barely underway, we can be sure we haven’t heard the end of this story.

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