The Taunt That Got Richard Sherman Slapped Was Surprisingly Tame

Richard Sherman was wearing a microphone for NFL Films during Sunday’s NFC Championships Game against the 49ers.

NFL Network aired a clip of his mic’d up highlights, including the scuffle with Michael Crabtree at the end of the the game that prompted his unhinged postgame interview.

After knocking a pass into the hands of his teammate for a game-winning INT, Sherman runs over to Crabtree, puts his hand out, and says, “Hell of a game. Hell of a game.”

Crabtree slaps him away.

That’s the entire exchange.

When you sprint over to a guy after just knocking him out of the playoffs, you’re taunting him, not matter what you actually say.

But what Sherman says is pretty tame, surprisingly so.

It essentially confirms what he claimed after the game, when he said he told Crabtree, “Good game.”

The video:

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