Hedge Fund Manager Arrested For Throwing His Keys In The Valet's Face

Yes, that’s his mugshot

As we remember how awesome their returns and paychecks are, we should also remember that sometimes, hedge fund managers are jerks.Boston area hedge fund manager, Richard L. Grubman, a hedge fund manager for Highfields Capital Management, was arrested for throwing a fit in a parking lot and chucking his car keys in a valet’s face.

According to the Boston Herald, the night was off to a good start as Grubman was heading into Ritz’s Blu restaurant Tuesday night. Then, a valet stopped him and asked that he move his silver 2007 BMW X5 SUV out of a residential-only parking spot.

Grubman completely freaked out and threw his car keys in his face.

Then, he accused the valet of stealing his keys.

The valet told the Herald, “He accused us of keeping his keys. I said, ‘Sir, we don’t have your keys.’ “

The police arrived on the scene quickly, but Grubman didn’t settle down.

In their incident report, the police officers wrote that as soon as they tried to put him under arrest, Grubman “began to yell and scream, stating he was being abused.”

The official police report says Grubman was screaming “obscenities” and throwing his keys in the valet’s face “striking him in the upper lip area.”

In fairness to Grubman, it does appear there was some confusion about what happened with the keys.

The police report shows Grubman saying he “did throw his car keys on the hood of the car but denied hitting” the valet.

Hotel security later found Grubman’s keys under a Range Rover.

The judge gave him a stay-away order after Grubman pleaded not guilty to felony assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

This guy should date Naomi Campbell and her cell phone.

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