Richard Gere Blames 'Pretty Woman' For The Global Financial Crisis

Pretty Woman

Everyone loves the ’90s chick flick “Pretty Woman,” where a rich business man falls in love with a beautiful prostitute—except lead actor, Richard Gere.In an interview with “Woman’s Day” Australia, Gere says he couldn’t care less for the film.

“People ask me about that movie but I’ve forgotten it. That was a silly romantic comedy,” said Gere. 

Yes, a silly romantic comedy that continues to be one of the most syndicated films on television and that solidified him as one Hollywood’s A-listers. If it weren’t for “Pretty Woman,” Gere may never have been crowned People’s sexiest man alive—twice. 

The 62-year-old actor regrets making the film despite its more than $463 million worldwide gross. He claims the financial crisis was partly a result of his “Pretty Woman” character, Edward Lewis, suggesting the film promoted greed and Wall Street types.

“It made those [Wall Street] guys seem dashing, which was so wrong,” Gere said. “Thankfully, today, we are all more sceptical of those guys.”

Gere will return to playing a Wall Street type in “Arbitrage” due out this August; a role of which he approves.

“This is a much more serious movie that has some real cause and effect.”

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