Take A Tour Of Britannia Manor, Richard Garriott's House Of Secret Passages

richard garriott house tour

Photo: ReMax

Video game designer Richard Garriott is selling his Austin, TX estate, which he calls Britannia Manor.The house is full of the same spirit he endows in his games — it’s piled high with secret spaces and unusual collections of artifacts.

For $4.1 million, it can be yours.

The house sits at the highest point in Austin, TX

Two stairways at the entrance

High ceilings and daunting staircases

Modern meets medieval

The kitchen is simple and elegant

The big master bedroom

It has the feel of a castle

The science room is full of cool artifacts

The secret passage at the centre of the house

All the wine storage you could want

An office complete with a deep sea diving suit

Gotta have a water slide

A functioning observatory on the roof

Here's Richard himself giving a detailed tour of the house

Meet the man behind the house

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