Donald Trump's Ex-Lawyer Is Suing His Trust-Fund Baby For Questioning His Generosity

richard fischbein

Photo: Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP

A lawsuit-happy Manhattan mega-attorney is suing his daughter for defamation after she asked the state to audit her trust fund.Richard Fischbein, 70, is suing his daughter Beth Fischbein-Bodner for $3 million after she claimed he and her stepmother so badly mishandled her trust fund that Fischbein-Bodner was left with only $114,000, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

Fischbein-Bodner, who got her start working at her father’s firm after he paid for her law school, asked the New York State Surrogate’s Court to audit her fund — something her father called “silly.”

Fischbein made his fortune representing Donald Trump, the Black Panthers, and Tupac Shakur’s estate. He’s also been the plaintiff in at least 21 lawsuits since 1977, according to the Daily News, which cited court records.

He claims he paid for his daughter’s private schools, law school, and all other living expenses and once the audit was finished, Fischbein-Bodner would actually owe him money.

“However, he will not asked for it to be reimbursed,” Fischbein’s attorney told the Daily News.

Well, that’s generous of him.

As Above The Law pointed out, it might not be the best idea for Fischbein-Bodner to make these kinds of public accusations against her father this late in his life.

“One has to wonder: why is she making such public accusations against her father, knowing that he is (1) presumably wealthy and (2) 70 years old? This won’t exactly endear her to dad when he’s making up a new will,” the legal insider blog mused.

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