Richard Dawkins accidentally tweeted a link to Neo-Nazi propaganda

Richard dawkins
Richard Dawkins. Don Arnold/Getty Images

Richard Dawkins has accidentally tweeted a link to an infamous Neo-Nazi slogan.

The outspoken scientist posted an image on his Twitter feed on Monday morning poking fun of left-wing “social justice” politics. It was a fake book cover aping his best-selling atheist text “The God Delusion” — instead showing “The Social Justice Delusion.”

It warns of the purported dangers of social justice politics, warning that “you turn the very principles of freedom against us … you believe in bullying, even as you claim to love the oppressed.”

It signed off with the message: “Eat sh*t and die. All I ever asked was to be left alone.” (Scroll down for the full image.)

“For those who — inevitably — won’t get it, this IS a joke,” Dawkins wrote in the accompanying tweet. “But like most good jokes, it’s also serious.”

Richard dawkins neo nazi tweet

It’s combative — but ultimately harmless stuff.

However, the image also contains a QR code, a type of digital barcode. Scan that with a QR reader and you get something rather more unpleasant: Neo-Nazi propaganda. It takes you to the “Fourteen Words,” a White Nationalist slogan:

Richard dawkins fourteen words

Dawkins has since deleted his tweet, confirming that he wasn’t aware of the “obnoxious message” before tweeting the image. He hasn’t yet responded to a further question from Business Insider about the source of the image.

As Dawkins notes in his Twitter bio, “[retweets] don’t imply endorsement, not exhaustive research of [a] tweeter’s CV.” Nonetheless, it’s always best to be careful what you tweet.

Here’s the original image Dawkins sent:

Dawkins social justice delusion book neo-nazi

Dawkins has a history of provocative tweets. In January, he was disinvited from an upcoming sceptics conference after tweeting out a video that claimed similarities exist between feminism and radical Islamism.

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