Richard Dawkins' Playboy Interview Is A Great Long Read

Playboy and richard dawkins


If you have some spare time on your hands, I’d recommend taking a look at this wonderful question and answer session with Richard Dawkins that Playboy just published today. The author, Chip Rowe, obviously took his time researching the famous atheist and the result is a wonderful and enlightening read and look into the brain of one of the modern world’s most controversial figures.What really shows through in the interview is how much time Rowe spent with Dawkins — three separate meetings.

One of the interesting things I learned, which I hadn’t heard before, was Dawkin’s reaction to 9/11:

PLAYBOY: You blame 9/11 on belief in the afterlife.

DAWKINS: Yes. Normally when an aircraft is hijacked, there’s an assumption that the hijackers want to go on living. It changes the game if the hijackers look forward to death because it will get them into the best part of paradise.

PLAYBOY: You mean the part with the 72 virgins the Koran says await martyrs.

DAWKINS: Right. Young men who are too unattractive to get a woman in the real world go for the ones in paradise. But my point is these people really believe what they say they believe, whereas most Christians don’t. If you talk to dying Christians, they aren’t looking forward to it.

There’s lots more in the article. As always, Dawkins gives a spectacularly eloquent defence of evolution. Check it out  — all four pages worth — at

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