Republican North Carolina senator fends off tough senate challenge

Richard burrDrew Angerer/Getty Images)Sen. Richard Burr in Washington.

Republican Sen. Richard Burr is set to win reelection in North Carolina on Tuesday.

According to Fox News and the Associated Press, Burr fended off a tough challenge from Deborah Ross, the former head of the American Civil Liberties Union in the state.

Over the past several months, Ross ran-neck-and-neck with Burr, attempting an upset in a race against in what Democrats viewed as a potential state to flip a Republican seat.

The race narrowed far more than some initial observers predicted, as Ross campaigned hard in districts across the state.

Burr was slow to begin campaigning, and made a series of eyebrow-raising gaffes, including a joke suggesting Clinton should have a “bulls-eye” on her back.

Ross briefly overtook Burr in October polls, but the incumbent Republican senator gained in the public opinion surveys over the past two weeks. The Real Clear Politics average on election day showed Burr with a 2-point lead over Ross, while the FiveThirtyEight forecast showed Burr with a 73% chance of winning.

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