Richard Branson Went To The Fancy White House Dinner And Asked Obama For Weed

Richard BransonRIchard Branson

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The White House held its fancy state dinner this week, inviting lots of big-wig donors, and dignitaries to dine with the first family and Prime Minister David Cameron.Naturally, billionaire head of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson, was there too.  

What did Branson do when he got a few seconds of facetime with Obama? 

He asked him if he could have some weed. At least that is what he told those gathered at the offices of The Atlantic magazine.  

Patrick Gavin at Politico has the report: 

“I asked him if I could have a spliff,” businessman and Virgin Group honcho Richard Branson told a crowd gathered at The Atlantic’s Washington offices Thursday, the day after attending the dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“But they didn’t have any,” Branson continued, according to a video of the event as he recalled his effort to procure weed the night before at the White House.

Branson, who owns his own island retreat, is a longtime advocate of legalized marijuana. 

Obama has admitted to having smoked weed as a young man himself. 

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