Richard Branson got bitten by a shark and his week went downhill from there

Even billionaires have bad weeks. Picture: Getty Images

Stingrays and sharks are part of the same fish family, so billionaire Richrad Branson is technically correct when he says he “got bitten by a shark”.

Branson was in the Cayman Islands and decided to go “for a special swim” with a group of rays. (Free fact: They’re known as a “fever”.)

But in the feeding frenzy, this happened:

One of the rays got a bit excited and had a go at Branson’s arm. On his blog, he called it “kissed by a shark”.

An hour after posting his shark bite for the world, Branson followed it up with this:

Branson was looking for some jewellery for his wife Joan for their upcoming wedding anniversary.

Fortunately, he recovered in time to play a game of tennis against Anna Kournikova.

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