Richard Branson Begs Obama And McCain To Bust Up American Airlines - British Airways Alliance

Richard Branson urged Barack Obama and John McCain to oppose a planned alliance between American Airlines and British Airways on the grounds that it would be anti-competitive (translation: on the grounds that it would poleax Virgin Atlantic).

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. We have a feeling Obama and McCain are a little busy trying to win the upcoming election by addressing larger issues facing Americans, not whether a British mogul loses a chunk of his airline-industry market share.

Reuters: Virgin Atlantic owner Sir Richard Branson on Sunday wrote to U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain warning that a link-up between British Airways and American Airlines would be anti-competitive.

In the letter, Branson said the proposed alliance would “severely damage competition on major transatlantic routes and leave consumers worse off.”

“Airlines everywhere are struggling with the current price of oil, but the solution to their problems should not lie in an anti-competitive agreement which will inevitably lead to less competition and higher fares,” he said.

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