Forget duck-pattern sheets and DIY wallpaper: Wealthy New Yorkers are dropping up to $100,000 on nurseries for their kids with details like gold cribs and fine art

Nick Ansell/PA Images via Getty ImagesAn example of a luxury nursery designed by Dragons of Walton Street, in London.
  • At this point, every room in an influencer’s apartment must be Instagram-worthy, including the nursery.
  • According to the New York Post, some New Yorkers are spending upwards of $US100,000 decorating their baby’s rooms – with high-end cribs with 24-karat-gold bases, custom wallpaper, and one-of-a-kind, pricey art.
  • Many top-tier interior designers are being put to an unusual, but increasingly frequent task: Designing spaces, made for children, while navigating the demands of picky parents.

New Yorkers are known for being extreme – so extreme, in fact, that many are spending upwards of $US100,000 on making their child’s nursery into a picture-perfect dream.

According to a new report by the New York Post, some New York-based parents are eliciting the help of top-tier interior designers to go all out on nurseries and investing deeply in eye-catching aesthetics that can include details like 24-karat cribs that go for as much as $US6,000.

“Everyone is excited to show off their space – and their personalities via their space – more than ever before,” Malorie Goldberg, co-president of Noa Blake Design in Marlboro, NJ, told the Post.

Zoya Bograd, a Murray Hill-based interior designer, estimated that her clients spend $US10,000 to $US100,000 decorating their child’s nursery, while Keren Richter, a designer in Williamsburg, told the Post most of these big spenders are mums in their 40s with a level of financial stability.

But when money isn’t an object, finding the right furniture, art, and even wallpaper becomes a great task. Brett Helsham, a mum featured in the Post piece, said she had a $US4,000 custom wall pattern made after she was inspired by a similar print by de Gournay. The cost of her baby’s entire nursery? $US18,000.

Spending significant amounts of money on nurseries may just be the new status symbol for wealthy New Yorkers on par with, as Business Insider previously reported, being seen with a luxury pram, or “bougie buggy” stroller.

And it begs the question: Is this all because of the overwhelming amount of mood boards and perfectly curated feeds inspired by the likes of Instagram and Pinterest?

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Goldberg seems to think so, telling the Post, “The honest truth, I think it’s really for social media.”

It’s far from the only trend to develop directly in reaction to social media. In fact, a $US15,000-per-month NYC penthouse was designed specifically for social media; influencers rent the pink, perfectly curated space for lifestyle shoots. And similarly, new travel destinations are suddenly seeing an uptick in tourism, be that a bygone luxury destination like the Catskills that’s reinventing itself with Instagrammable lodges and wellness retreats, or the Insta-famous blue city in the hills of Morocco that’s been seen skyrocketing popularity thanks to the social platform.

Read the full article on the New York Post here.

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