'Rich Kids Of Snapchat' Owner Is Looking To Sell For At Least $30,000 But Only To Another Rich Kid

“Rich Kids of Snapchat” is a Facebook page and Snapchat account run by someone who claims to be a teenager in the UK. It’s a riff off of the popular “Rich Kids of Instagram” account, which now has a TV show associated with it.

The Rich Kids of Snapchat account put itself up for sale in a Snapchat story this morning, offering to sell its Snapchat handle, which it says has over 100,000 followers, and its Facebook pages, which have over 500,000 likes, for more than $US30,000.

Here are some screengrabs of the story:

The teen tried to sell the pages earlier this summer.

“Despite being offered $US150,000 for this Facebook page and the Snapchat account ‘richkidsnaps’ by an American advertising company, I would like one of you, the users, to take over ‘Rich Kid Snaps’. I don’t want a company coming along and ruining what I created,” UK publication The Tab quoted the account owner in July.

While the accounts have gotten a lot of recognition, that doesn’t mean they have been well received. A bout of bad press caused the creator to write an apology on one of his Facebook pages in July:


Yes, this article is about me. Let me just make some things clear: the photos on my Facebook page not just mine. They are mainly the submissions that get sent to me. However, my snapchat account, ‘richkidsnaps’, is all me of course (and add me if you haven’t already!).

It is important to note that I would never, ever, judge someone based on their wealth. I created this page for entertainment purposes only. I meant no offence whatsoever. The Facebook page and my snapchat are completely different things. My snapchat’s sole purpose is to inspire other young people to go out and achieve what they want to achieve. I show my extreme lifestyle so that people can see that even me: someone who isn’t especially intelligent, and started with only £500 (when I was 12, I am now 17) is able to achieve great things.

I am deeply sorry to anyone who takes offence from this whole thing. That was not my intention. I am running it completely anonymously, for the reasons mentioned above. Feel free to add me on Facebook and discuss anything you wish, also feel free to add my snapchat ‘richkidsnaps’.

So, just what happens on the Rich Kids of Snapchat account?

There’s stuff like this:

When reached for comment, Snapchat spokesperson Mary Ritti told Business Insider that the company had terminated the “RichKidSnaps” account because the attempted sale violated its terms of service.

Specifically it violates Snapchat’s rules that a user cannot “buy, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise offer in exchange for any compensation, access to a Snapchat account, Stories, Snaps, a Snapchat username, or a friend link without Snapchat’s prior written consent.” Ritti added, “
As an aggregator, this account also violates the ban on unauthorised API access.”

Alex Priddis, who handles PR for Rich Kids of Snapchat, declined to comment for this story.

(h/t Niv Dror, who spotted the sale on Snapchat)

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