Here's How The Rich Kids Of Instagram Are Spending Their Summer

The Tumblr blog Rich Kids of Instagram has been chronicling the lives of unapologetically wealthy teenagers for two years.

On July 8, the anonymous creator behind Rich Kids of Instagram released a co-authored novel based on the antics of the uber-rich kids on its blog. “Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel” explores the lives of characters based on the antics of the real young people on the Rich Kids of Instagram blog.

The blog has even spawned two E! network reality series: “#RichKids Of Beverly Hills” and “#RichKids of New York.”

A Rich Kids of Snapchat account posts Snapchat users’ photos of their cash, Ferraris, and bottles of champagne to the PrivateSchoolSnaps Facebook page, which has more than 260,000 fans.

We checked back in with the Rich Kids of Instagram blog to see how they have been spending their summers so far. Unsurprisingly, it seems they have been keeping busy with well-documented lavish pool parties, private helicopter rides, and more.

That's a lot of Rolexes.

Caption: 'Ain't no thang. #stacked #rolex'

By: @coleshneider

Taking pictures with (and presumably drinking) lots of champagne.

Caption: 'It's my birthday let me spend my money #aces'

By: @allefoglia

If you don't take a picture of your catered lunch in the Hamptons, did it even happen?

Caption: 'Family lunch. #thehelp #thehamptons'

By: @ericadowns

Packing only the essentials.

Caption: 'Didn't have weekend plans until about 5 mins ago. Packing for Vegas. #murika #happybdayusa #letsgo #lasvegas'

By: @mralexpod

The Black Card is a necessity.

Caption: 'Shopping time at #SaksFifthAvenue #SanFrancisco! #BlackCard #AmexBlackCard'

By: @the_marcus_adolf

Just lounging.

Caption: 'I've been drinking… Romanée-Conti #IfYouKnowYouKnow'

By: @eli_miz

Their private tennis courts double as helicopter landing pads.

Caption: 'Tennis court = landing pad.'

By: @official_antoine

Taking a snack break -- but only outside of the McLaren.

Caption: 'We eatin' when we ain't even eatin' | Congratulations to my good friend @mahdiar_ah on the #McLaren #p1|@srautogroup | @marcel_lech | #ymrmb #ricemafia'

By: @ricemoney


Caption: 'Mykonos. #yourenothere'

By: @jacksiebert

The ultimate yacht accessory.

Caption: 'Takeoff! #yachtlife #cannes'

By: @ahmed_aljuffali

A penthouse pool with a view.

Caption: 'Cockside pooltails in the PH with my fluffy little bitch #penthouselife'

By: @maxleif

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'weight watchers.'

Caption: 'The AP Kilo now with almost 1,5kg!! Need to buy a new scale as this one is just up to 1500g…'

By: @anilarjandas

At least they're generous tippers.

Caption: 'Always make sure to tip your pilot and co-pilot 10k. #rulesofflyingprivate'

By: @mralexpod

Can't get enough of these super-rich kids' photos?

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