Check Out The Best Of The 'Rich Kids Of Instagram'

Cocktail, rich kids


“Rich Kids Of Instagram” popped up on Tumblr just six days ago and it has already taken the internet by storm with its amazing, if slightly absurd collection of wealthy youth doing wealthy things.From cruising over to St. Tropez and the Hamptons in a helicopter to swigging from expensive bottles of booze at social gatherings, these Instagram photos give a look into the pretty amazing lives of kids lucky enough to have parents with means.

We’ve collected the most entertaining of these photos for your enjoyment, and if you have your own, feel free to tweet them to @richkidsofinsta.

What's better than drinking champagne and smoking cigarettes? Doing it in robes.

By: bigappleboy

Title: 'suite bosses'

Tiffany Trump gives a glimpse into how her family does flying.

By: tiffanytrump

Title: 'LA ✈ NY'

We would be dancing too if we lived in that house.

By: chloebartolli


Paris Hilton's little brother, Barron takes the rich kid equivalent of a walk along the beach.

By: barronhilton

Title: 'A walk on the beach'

We're trying to figure out if the car came with the helicopter or vice-versa.

By: chloebartoli

Title: 'All black everything'

This lucky girl takes some time for a photo shoot with her hot pink car.

By: dwanngg

Title: 'Love my new ride!!!'

Nothing says summer like having a tubing competition next to a yacht.

By: matthewmorton

Title: 'Tubing battles'

The only thing better than going with all your girlfriends to St. Tropez is getting there on a helicopter.

By: annabelschwartz

Title: 'Welcome to St. Tropez'

Sailing, sailing...

By: abe_linken93

Title: 'We're off'

This could have been the poster for Drive.

By: nat_sap

Title: 'Off the bricks and badder than ever, I present, Goldie Barracuda'

Is smoking still bad for you if you do it on an amusement park ride?

By: matthewmorton

Title: 'Cigs on the spinny thing'

This takes bro'n out to a whole new level.

By: cocorocha

Title: 'Treading in the divots at half time. With champers in hand, of course.'

This guy must have done pretty well at the tables to leave Las Vegas in a private jet with a bottle of Dom Perignon.

By: pburrows

Title: 'Coming back from Vegas with a souvenir #domrose #privatejet'

Being rich means never having to apologise for having a Bruno Mars haircut.

By: bradleygpeltz

Title: '#metball #bradbradworld'

Who said that disco was dead?

You would think that the bucket would be enough to carry that bottle.

By: Ibddd

Title: '#drake deserves it….#xiv'

Flying to the Hamptons in a helicopter is one thing, doing that while wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt is quite another.

By: adwarren

Title: '#Hamptons #saveme'

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