The 'Rich Kids of Instagram' make your holiday celebrations look... Rather poor

Did you have a nice holiday season?

Probably not as nice as the infamous “Rich Kids Of Instagram,” the offspring of the world’s 1% that have no problem bragging on social media about all of their expensive adventures.

An Instagram and Tumblr account curates all of the photos documented by the wealthy few who live life in the lap of luxury, and there was no shortage of snaps from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve.

From black cards to magnums of champagne, private jets to secluded islands, from Prada bags to Rolex watches, your holiday celebrations will pale in comparison to the fun had by these teenagers.


It was the 12 Days Of Prada for this rich teenager.

Why bother bundling up for the winter when you can jet off to an island in the sun?

Oh sure, just your average family home.

The gold iPhone takes on a new meaning when you check out this post, snapped on New Year's Eve.

Christian Louboutin heels average about $750 a pair. You do the maths.

For those who shelled out for Uber's surge prices on New Year's Eve, eat your heart out.

Drinks, anyone?

'Monday present from the bank #blackcard #love #amex #catchmeifyoucan' is the caption on this Instagram photo by 'Rich Kid' @arnhoff.

There's somehow always a private yacht involved.

This is how the 'Rich Kids' get around.

The Daily Mail reports these 'Rich Kids' bundled up at a 5-star Aspen resort.

These ladies opted for a warmer locale for holiday travel.

It's like this is the 'Rich Kids Of Instagram' starter pack.

Before you graduate to this (it's almost comical.)

Beautiful women are a mainstay of the 'Rich Kids' Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

As are champagne and Rolex watches.

And plenty of high-fashion gatherings.

Jealous, yet?


How were your holidays?

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