The 'Rich Dogs of Instagram' are living their best lives

You’ve probably heard about the Rich Kids of Instagram, the blog that aggregates photos from the world’s richest young Instagram users. Nothing is too outlandish or flashy for these kids — pictures of bottles of Champagne, diamond-encrusted Rolexes, and private yachts are posted almost daily. It’s next-level humblebragging

Now, there’s a parody Instagram account for their wealthy puppy equivalents too.

Kaylin Pound started the “Rich Dogs of Instagram” account two weeks ago.


“I had to write a story for Elite Daily about those Romanian Instagrammers that poked fun at the Rich Kids Of Instagram by recreating a bunch of their photos,” she told Business Insider.


“This made me wonder if anyone had ever thought of making a parody account with dogs, and to my surprise no one had done it before so I made The Rich Dogs Of Instagram account.”


Pound has been working for Elite Daily since November — before the millennial news website was acquired by the Daily Mail. She says when she started the account, which features pictures of dogs appearing to live exorbitant lifestyles, she just aggregated pictures she found on Instagram. But now “thanks to all of the people that have been sending me images, I am now strictly posting submissions,” she says.


Pound says she’s “very surprised” by how many followers she’s amassed in a relatively short period of time. She’s up to 13,700 followers currently and gains another 1,000 every day, and she intends to keep the account going.  


Pound, who has two Westies named Nuckles and Nellie, is using Rich Dogs of Instagram for a charitable cause too.



“Since it has gained so much press attention in such a short time, I decided that I wanted to use it for something other than a good laugh, so I am teaming up with Posh Pets Rescue in NYC to help them spread the word about giving back to dogs that aren’t as fortunate as The Rich Dogs of Instagram,” she says.

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