Rich Chinese Man Alleged To Have Paid "Stand-In" For Son's Manslaughter Trial

hu bin

A wealthy family in China is alleged to have hired a lookalike “stand-in” for their son, who is on trial for running over a much poorer boy while racing around the street in his sports car.

WSJ has a long story on the growing rich-poor divide — as symbolized by this particular case — and helps enforce the idea that the urban elites probably don’t want to rush towards democracy if it means sharing power with the less-fortunate, and having some kind of accountability.

If this is all true, it’s a sign that the wealthy having better access to the legal system isn’t solely an American phenomenon:

In the face of public indignation, Mr. Hu’s family agreed to give Mr. Tan’s parents a financial settlement of about $165,000.

Still, public fury was reignited in mid-July after a court sentenced Mr. Hu to three years in prison, widely considered a lenient punishment. In an unusual twist, Mr. Hu appeared much heavier at his sentencing than in photos from the accident scene, prompting Internet rumours that Mr. Hu’s family had paid for a stand-in. Chinese authorities have strongly denied this.

The victim’s father, Tan Yue, has been outspoken in his criticism of the court’s sentencing. He is among those who doubt whether the convicted felon now serving jail time is really Mr. Hu. Mr. Hu’s family, through an attorney, declined to comment.

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