Rich Bargain Hunting For Seats On Private Jets

Well, it’s all about context right?

Wealth Bulletin: Wealthy individuals in search of cheap, but classy, flights are beating a path to LunaJets, an internet service that offers them seats in private jets.

Cheap AND “classy” — that phrasing could describe oh so many things and people we know.

The service takes advantage of the fact that every time jets fly someone to a destination they fly back empty. LunaJets, co-founded by Eymeric Segard, has persuaded a string of private jet operators to off er up these spare seats at a discount.

This is done just before the jets take off , normally at between one and 10 days notice.

The rates are fi xed according to the distance fl own and the type of aircraft. A one-hour flight might cost €890. Two hours would cost €1,350.

Renting the whole plane is the only option for fl ights over two and a half hours. An eight hour fl ight by a full cabin of passengers would cost clients of LunaJets a grand total of €25,000. Segard says: “These prices are at premium to business class. But they would be between 50% and 80% of the standard cost of a private jet.

Access is easier than with a commercial flight. You can knock three hours off the total journey time to the heart of New York. People who want to discuss confi dential business can rent a fl ight and impress their clients at the same time.”

Um, don’t think impress is the right word. But who are we kidding. If someone offered us a flight home on one of these we’d take it. (But not a source! Or a subject of a story! We’ve got ethics.)

Segard now has a register of 1,000 potential users, securing a tithe of 10% when deals are done.

We so want to see that list. I bet the list is similar to  THIS list!

Segard adds: “We are getting interest from private families: seats in planes owned by royalty and professional actors sometimes become available. Owners can share their fl ights to make more money on the side.”



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