Rhett And Link Made A New Bizarre Chinese Food Ad With Cowboys [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Here’s viral sensation Rhett and Link’s latest ad for a Chinese food restaurant. Obviously it is cowboy themed.

Fallon is making some cuts, AgencySpy reports, mostly due to its loss of Cadillac.

Take a look at the documentary about the real Mad Men and women that ruled advertising in the mid-20th century.

McDonald’s is reviewing its regional creative work.

Vitro is Petco’s new ad agency.

Digiday reports that it’s actually the agencies’ faults for why their junior staffers are hopping from job to job in quick succession.

Saatchi & Saatchi president and COO of the China division was promoted to CEO.

According to MediaPost, Ominocom is dominating Madison Avenue’s tech story rather than WPP or Publicis.

Quixey, which identifies itself as “the search engine for apps,” announced a new app-advertising platform that focuses on targeting at the point of discovery.

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