RG3 criticised For Posting A Picture Of Wedding Gifts Purchased By Fans

At some point, fans discovered the wedding registry for Robert Griffin III and began buying gifts for the young couple.

Over the weekend, RG3 posted a picture of the mountain of gifts he received with the message “Thank you to the Fans who are helping buy ALL the items from our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond” (via Robert Griffin III on WhoSay)…

Some websites wrote about the registry and even purchased gifts and had readers write the gift note. It became a fun way for some fans to do something for one of the NFL’s most exciting players.

But after posting the image, RG3 felt a backlash and offered a response via Twitter

“I didn’t ask the fans to buy me anything. They found it on their own and decided to get what they could. SMH at all these Debbie downers…Because you are rich you are not allowed to receive gifts and any gifts you receive should be donated to charity???? #WOW Smh…”

It doesn’t matter what somebody like RG3 does, there will be people who criticise. Maybe Griffin should have just ignored the criticism, but the fans who bought the gifts wanted RG3 to have them, not a charity.

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