Doctors Say RG3's Injury Is Much Worse Than Adrian Peterson's, Likely To Miss Start Of 2013 Season

robert griffin iii injured

Photo: CBS

When it was first reported that Robert Griffin III would need reconstructive surgery on his knee, there was optimism that he would return in time for the start of the 2013 season.Now, multiple doctors are saying that based on the severity of the injury, RG3 is unlikely to be ready for the start of the season and there is a chance he could be sidelined the entire year.

Dr. Michael Kaplan spoke with ESPN this morning and downplayed the comparisons to Adrian Peterson who was able to return from a torn ACL in time for the start of this season. “Obviously it is more than [just a torn ACL]” said Kaplan. “It’s a horrendous injury. It’s the ACL and the LCL, the outside ligament which is really a tremendous insult to the knee.”

While Kaplan sounded hopeful for RG3’s quick return, he was also realistic. “It’s a huge rehab,” said Kaplan. “6-8 months is a modest number in my mind…But I think it is a little bit of a long-shot to think he’s going to be ready by September…I tell people, 9-12 months minimum for the regular athlete before they get back to change-directional, cutting-type sports.”

In addition, Dr. James C. Dreese of the University of Maryland and Dr. Tim Kremchek, orthopedic surgeon for the Cincinnati Reds, spoke with theĀ Washington Post. Kremchek called an LCL tear “more devastating” than the type of injury Peterson suffered. And Dreese added that this type of injury requires 8-12 months of rehab.

So while the Redskins remain optimistic about Griffin III’s recovery. It is probably too much to hope that he will be ready for the start of the 2013 season and maybe we should just hope he plays next year at all.

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