REVShare Lands $20m From Carlyle And HIG Ventures

REVShare, a TV ad network for direct-response advertisers, landed a $20 million investment from The Carlyle Group and H.I.G. Ventures to fund expansion. The Temecula, Calif.-based company has been around since 1989 and specialises in cost-per-response TV ad deals. Advertisers pay based on the number of responses to a particular call to action, not on the Nielsen standard cost-per-thousand viewers. Think The Clapper, Chia Pet and Stick-Up Lightbulb, and other advertisers hawking goods on small networks or in lower-rent dayparts that a network might have trouble otherwise selling.

It’s a growing business, and REVShare says they place on cable, local TV, and all the broadcast networks. Their model makes ratings irrelevant. The company says 24% of its “responses” are generated by broadcast, 70% by cable and 6% by syndication.

Update: PR says for the record, The Clapper, Chia Pet and Stick-Up Lightbulb are not current REVShare advertisers (The Clapper was, at one time, but no longer). Current clients include Timeshares Only, Thermospas and Mega Health Life Insurance.

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