Egypt: Does Revolution Mean Beginning Of A New Age In The Middle East?


Photo: Courtesy of @wnawara

New Age?

  • Is this the beginning of a New Age in the Middle East? Tunisia. Algeria. Egypt. Now Yemen. Soon Jordan? What about the petro-dictatorships?

No Change?

  • Is it possible that protests at present will be tolerated to a point, but not allowed to result in any real change, certainly no New Age?

New Names, Same Establishment?

  •  À la Tunisia, even if we see governments fall, will they be replaced largely by members of the same establishment and little of substance will have changed?

Anarchy and Chaos?

  • Will these revolutions unleash anarchy and chaos? It might be that different groups seize the opportunities presented by the power vacuum..?


  • The West is not just worried about Tunisia and Egypt, as the chorus of discontent spreads: It’s crossed the water and the deserts to Yemen!

Digital Block

  • Egypt: Mobile networks down. Internet access stopped. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media no longer working. Protests go on…


  • Social revolts via Self-Assembling Dynamic Networks enabled by telecommunications can only be temporarily blocked because of vital use.


  • Humans are more resilient than we think. There is a high probability that protests will find their way even without internet access.


  • Humanity has been protesting long before the internet and will continue to do so with or without it, once the momentum is there.


  •  Nobel laureate El-Baradei: Egypt is being isolated by a regime on its last legs. In state of panic. Stresses solidarity with the protesters.

US View

  • US State Dept: Closely monitoring [Egypt] situation and are aware that communication services, including social media, are being blocked.

Real Causes

  • What are the real causes of digitally-driven leaderless revolutions? 1. High unemployment; 2. Food and fuel prices; & 3. Corrupt Leadership.

Digital Causes?

  • If revolutions occur like falling dominoes in Middle-East how much of this contagion will have been caused by Wikileaks, Facebook & Twitter?
  • No question about whether digital technology has been a catalyst: Wikileaks has precipitated upset, outrage and anger in ordinary citizens and the powers.
  • What Wikileaks originally announced was amplified manifold via Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and mobiles leading to combustion.

Financial Markets

  • Financial markets appear not to have connected the dots – seem to be quite positive – despite spreading revolutions in the Middle East? Why?

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