REVIEW: We tried Nescafe's espresso machine, but didn't like the milk pods

Simon Thomsen and Sarah Kimmorley. Photo: Business Insider Australia.

Business Insider recently tried Necafe’s new Eclipse coffee machine.

It looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie and operates like a high-tech device with its touchscreen interface.

But the coffee it makes is ordinary.

Not because it lacked variety — there are 30 different pod options — or because the blend was too weak, or too bitter for that matter, but because instead of having a milk spout or milk-frothing attachment, it relied on powdered milk capsules.

Now for an almond milk-drinking millennial like myself this was no good, but for a coffee connoisseur like my colleague Simon Thomsen, this was blasphemy.

The coffee machine in action. Photo: Business Insider Australia.

“I’m not sure I’m a fan,” he said in Business Insider’s Facebook Live review.

“It [the milk] is quite dominant compared to the coffee.”

Thomsen hinted the “hipster barista” movement in Australia has played an important role in educating the consumer on good coffee.

Not only that but the stink Australians kicked up in response to dairy giants Murray Goulburn and Fonterra who slashed milk prices was enough to prove that we care about local quality products, and powdered milk doesn’t fit into that category.

While Nescafe’s machine might sit nicely on the bench, blending in with a modern decor, I don’t see it having a place in the home of milk-loving Australians.

Now watch the video in full.

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