Diet Coke has released four new flavours -- here's what our resident Diet Coke fans have to say

Following is a transcript of the video.

McCall: I was right. That’s gross.

This isn’t the Diet Coke you are used to.

Coca-Cola has released four new flavours of the iconic soft drink.

Ginger Lime.Feisty Cherry.Zesty Blood Orange. Twisted Mango.

The new flavours are part of a big rebranding for Diet Coke.The new flavours, along with the original flavour, will come in redesigned packaging.

We tried the new flavours.

Ginger Lime

Reuben: I don’t have high expectations for Diet Coke Ginger Lime.

It’s not terr-. No it is terrible. The aftertaste – it just tastes fake.

Sam: I think it’s a little bit sweeter than regular Diet Coke. Diet Coke kind of has that like bite to it whereas this feels a little bit smoother.

Kate: The ginger isn’t super strong but it’s kind of there and it’s good.

Mccall: Oh that’s not bad actually. You don’t taste the ginger it’s just lime.

Zesty Blood Orange

Reuben:It tastes like if you had a little orange soda left in your cup and then you put diet coke into it – that’s what it tastes like and it doesn’t taste good.

Emma:I don’t taste any diet in that. Like that tastes like a full-flavored soda.

McCall: This is straight up orange soda.

Kate:It also just tastes like normal orange soda. Not like Zesty Blood Orange Soda. I don’t know I would not drink this.

Feisty Cherry

Mark:Feisty. Feisty Cherry.

Reuben:It doesn’t taste terrible but it tastes like a bad version of cherry coke. Like if you wanted real cherry coke it would be better but this is passable.

Celia:It doesn’t have too much of a difference between other sodas that kind of are cherry-ey tasting.

McCall: But I actually really like this. I would drink this. It’s pretty good.

Twisted Mango

Kate:It almost like smells like medicine and you smell it before you even taste it.

Sam: I would say this has the most intense flavour of all of them.

Emma:I think it is kind of chemically tasting.

Reuben: It doesn’t taste like mango. It sort of tastes just like flat Diet Coke with some weird flavour in it that does not represent mango at all.

Kate: It smells kind of gross and fake.

Some final thoughts…

Kate:I liked the cherry one. I thought the cherry one was really really good I thought it was kind of classic but still interesting.

McCall:If I had to choose definitely the lime.

Reuben:So far this is my favourite flavour but the bar is pretty low when it comes to these flavored Diet Cokes.

Celia:I think I liked the Twisted Mango the best out of the four. Even though I liked all the four, this is the one I would be most likely to go to the store and buy.

Reuben:The flavours just don’t get me going. And the tall cans are just weird. It like reminds you of like an energy drink but it’s not. It’s just weird.

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