REVIEW: Plane Speaking - Malaysia Airlines Business Class, Sydney To Kuala Lumpur

Going, on what, for how long?

Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airlines A330-300, 8.5 hours

Flight frequency: 3 times a day


From $ 755.32
Fully Flexible econ $ 1,009.32
Business $3,192.92

Where am I?

Business, 6K


247 Economy (2-4-2)
36 Business (2-2-2)


All classes: 1 piece up to 32kg each

The crew?

While we didn’t have a designated flight attendant, all were welcoming and attentive. They helped you with things without you having to ask for assistance and remembered which wine you were drinking so that when your glass was close to empty they filled it.


You know the airline has great features when you don’t even have a chance to read the mag you picked up in the airport. The entertainment system had awesome new releases from A Million Ways to Die in the West to 22 Jump Street and Boyhood. But what had me most captivated was the food. Snack, starter, entrée, dinner, dessert. And just when you drift off to sleep in your food coma, thinking “how could I possibly have time to do anything else but eat?”, you wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated after a comfortable sleep.

Coming back?

It was a 7.30pm flight out of KL and after dinner, I slept well – and they let me sleep through breakfast, waking just in time for a cup of tea before landing. Perfect.


The one important take away I had from flying with Malaysia Airlines is that you shouldn’t be afraid. Yes, it has been an incredibly unfortunate year for the airline, but the two events, involving MH370 and MH17, are entirely separate issues, and unprecedented.

Travelling with the MAS crew I was humbled to the core. The pilots, flight attendants and support crew continue to serve with smiles on their faces after everything that’s happened to their coworkers, friends and in some instances, family.

When I was offered the flight, I won’t deny that a few fleeting thoughts crossed my mind about going, but ultimately, the whole experience reaffirmed my decision to fly with the airline. I felt well-served, special and, most importantly, I felt safe.

Overall, the business class offer was impressive. So if you want the space, seats that convert to beds, more-ish meals that leave you undoing the buttons on your pants and impeccable, thoughtful service, the experience is good value – but I think it ruined me for ever. After business with Malaysia Airlines, it’s nearly impossible to return to economy ever again. And next time I want to leave the plane with that satay recipe.

Here’s why I’d fly with them again.

Here we go, boarding time.

First impressions are good. The seats look spacious and the cabin isn't overcrowded.

Everyone is settled, waiting for take off.

Refreshments are served in the meantime.

And hot towels - nice.

No champagne though - sad face.

I can't believe all this room.

Here are what the seats look like.

Two doonas?

Wait... that's not a doona. What is that?

Ahh a seat cover, which they pass off as a mattress. Gotcha.

So much room!!

Nifty. The air hostess came and turned this personal light on for me, that's thoughtful.

Lifesaver. Every seat everywhere needs this.

Yep. This is going to be fun...

Ooh presents. What do we have here...

Geez, luxe headphones. None of that foam-padded stuff.

And a goodie bag with everything a traveler needs.

Hairbrush, toothbrush, moisturiser, hand cream, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, a face mask...

And don't forget the socks.

Pretty pleased with myself.

We sure are going places Malaysia Airlines. Just love that this is in plastic - no germs!

Dinner is coming soon. Let's check out what the options are.

The signature satay sticks. Mmmm. Malaysia Airlines makes 26,000 of these a day(!)

Goodness me, so much to choose from.

What's this?

Wow. You know your in business class when you are given a tablecloth.

Some snacks to start...

This is cool, the serve the satay in front of you. I asked for both, a chicken and lamb skewer thinking they would give me one of each... I got three of each. Very generous, but if this is the starter boy I'm going to fill up quickly.

One word: delicious.

Don't mind if I do. The wine selection is quite good, good to see some Aussie wines on the list. Kilikanoon's 2012 Killerman’s Run Cabernet Sauvignon was a nice drop.

Well, this is a posh set up.

So fresh.

This crab meat entree was tasty.

Check out the size of the main!

Forget salt and pepper paper sachets. MAS business class wants you to have all the trimmings - and that includes these cute S&P shakers.

So many knives and forks!

Pistachio sponge cake with vanilla mouse and raspberry jelly. Mmmm.

More towels.

Now that I am totally stuffed. Let's check out the entertainment system.

That's nice, the attendant saw my neighbour struggling. She hadn't even asked for help.

Hey, these are new releases. Love that.

Lights out kids.

Excuse me while I turn my seat into a bed for some shut eye. It's not a mattress but it sure does the job.

People are slowly waking up. I think I got at least 5 hours sleep. Awesome.

I might splash some water on my face. Ooh check out the facilities, you don't get these in economy.

Fresh flowers. That's a nice touch.

Breakfast is served. They offered me a chicken pie to go with the salad. I love a good pie, but at this time of the morning - really?

Yum. Again, so fresh.

When the meal service was finished I felt like a tea. The hosties were happy to oblige.

Landing soon, buckle up.

*The writer was a guest of Malaysia Airlines.

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