We tried Starbucks' new Zombie Frappuccino -- and we realised why it could never hope to recapture the Unicorn Frappuccino's success

Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino 1Hollis JohnsonStarbucks’ new Zombie Frappuccino.
  • Starbucks‘ new Zombie Frappuccino debuted Thursday.
  • The spooky beverage will only be available for five days.
  • We tried the drink and thought it was an overly sweet mess manufactured for Instagram.

Starbucks’ new Zombie Frappuccino is now available — but we don’t recommend it unless you want a terrifying sugar high.

Starbucks began selling its Zombie Frappuccino on Thursday. The beverage will only be available for five days — a super-limited-time offering similar to the Unicorn Frappuccino.

So, early Thursday morning, Business Insider decided we had to get our hands on the Frappuccinos ourselves.

From the first glance, it’s clear that the beverage is made to be photographed.

The green base — flavored with caramel apple syrup — is Frankenstein-esque. The bloody-looking mocha syrup is a nice touch. While our whipped cream didn’t really look like brains, we appreciated the effort.

Taking the first sip was a different story.

We knew it would be sugary. This is a Starbucks Frappuccino we’re talking about. With 70 grams of sugar in a venti, one Zombie Frappuccino well exceeds the 50-gram maximum recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.

When the beverage hits your tongue, you’re immediately plunged into a sickly sweet saccharine swamp. One taste tester even gagged.

The flavour is basically that of a melted green apple candy — think Laffy Taffy or Jolly Rancher — mixed with sweet caramel. The green apple caramel syrup does its job. Compared to the Unicorn Frappuccino, it has a more distinct flavour. Not a great flavour, but a distinct one.

The mocha “blood” fails to cut through the sweetness. And, the whipped cream is basically tasteless despite the pink colour. In fact, the whipped cream is the least sweet aspect of the drink, which isn’t a great sign.

Let’s be honest — no one is buying the Zombie Frappuccino for the flavour, except for a few Starbucks customers who have a sweet tooth like no other. Most people just want those sweet, sweet Instagram likes.

And, that’s probably the most significant way that the Zombie Frappuccino falls short of its predecessor. As the beverage begins to melt — which happens quite quickly — it goes from Hollywood-style Frankenstein to a garden-variety zombie with its flesh slowly disintegrating. The blood mixes with the green Frappuccino to create a murky, muddy drink that’s hardly worth a Snapchat, much less an Instagram.

So, is the Zombie Frappuccino worth it? Other Frappuccinos are prettier, and most other drinks are tastier. Really, the Zombie Frappuccino’s saving grace is its limited time and the lack of other zombified drinks on the market.

The only reason to buy one is so you can say you did — but you’d probably be better off lying and saving a few bucks.

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